Today, at work, Josh texted me a long message. And I would like to share that with you.

"Oh, how I love you my darling. A mashup of Snow Patrol and The Police just came on the radio. 'If I lay here would you lie with me and just forget the world.' Hearing this all I could think of is how our marriage is like a good mashup. Two great songs by themselves, but when added together, the beauty each contained is accented and amplified by the other. You can still recognize the individuals, but you never want to hear the songs apart again. This mashup is their destiny. So beautiful. Laurel, you are my destiny. You are my harmony. With you, my song is better, and so is yours. They were always meant to play alongside each other. I love you more than I will ever understand. And I am continually blown away by life with you. I never want to listen to the song by itself again. We're playing together now. Forever."

Sigh. I love this man. He is my heart, and he can express it better than I ever could. How blessed am I, to have him as my husband?