please don't go.

[day 12] "please don't go..."
I thought dogs only did this in the movies.
he crawled into my suitcase and began unpacking it.
sweet little boy.



[day 11]
last bon fire in homer. goodbye dear friends.

what an incredible day. so many people in my life. so many blessings. I ran errands all day, getting phone calls from several friends.
"I have to say goodbye to you!"
its the end of a long, perfect day. I want to cry from joy. from exhaustion. from craziness.
all summer, I've been so eager to leave. and now its over. believe me, I'm so excited and so ready to be back in Oregon. but I realized that I haven't been as focused on the present like I thought I was. All summer, I have been praying that I would be content here. I thought I was doing a pretty good job. But now that I'm here for only one more day, I realize that this summer was a blur. not just because it was so busy, and it was. but because I have been gazing forward. like this last summer wasn't real, but a dream. foggy.
I made some really incredible friends towards the end of the summer, and I was finally social the last month. I'm going to miss Church On The Rock SO MUCH, and everyone associated. I just think about all the people I have in my life. so many. my heart wants to explode from gratitude. I thank God for each of you. I am SO blessed by each friendship. I dont want to take any of them for granted any longer.
there's no rhyme or reason to this any longer.
but life is good. love is powerful. God is....incredible.



homer harbor.

[day 9] homer harbor. this is why I love you.



[day 8] took some senior pictures today. I've known her all 18 years. crazy.


long distance hug.

[day 7] this is from my sister. its like a hug every time I wear it.

coffee date.

[day 6] sunshine. k-bay coffee. friends. fall chill in the air. a perfect day, indeed.


tea time.

[day 5] "sometimes, I just wish I could live in a tea cup, and be permanently surrounded by its comforting warmth."
it was a tea kind of day. chilly. lovely. it was my last lazy day before school chaos. I only have three more shifts at the restaurant, and then 4 days to pack EVERYTHING. its going to be crazy for the next week. but I like that. it means its going to go by fast.


north front.

[day 4]
a north front blew in a storm today. I like storms.



[day 3]
its a lovely day. the true essence of fall. I love it.


10 days left.

[the packing begins.]

10 days left in homer. packing, sending boxes, so I don't beat them to Oregon like last year...


hello old friend.

my goodness. its been 9 months.
I've been shying away from writing again, because there has been so much this last year. [where to even start?] so, I'll just pick up as I go.

Ecola Bible School starts in 2 weeks. I can hardly wait! I've already started packing boxes. the last 2 weeks are the hardest. I just want to pack everything. but...I still need some things as well. oh well.

a huge inspiration to restart was a conversation with my friend Christi. I've mentioned this before, in a pervious blog. She has a friend who has literally taken a picture every day for almost 1000 days, posting a photoblog. so that may be just what this turns into, with little blips of writing. I miss writing. so so much.

[lock box hunters.]