Up and Down.
I feel like a crazy person sometimes. Have I said that before? Oh, I think so.
Today was one of those annoying days. Woke up exhausted and little things kept going wrong. I was Mrs. Grumpy pants by the time I left for work. I gradually woke up, and cheered up. It ended up being a good work day, with pleasant customers. Andy came in again, and we did a ton of baking. Ended up being a 10 hour day.

Came home exhausted, and took a nap, because I had worship practice at 630 and I didn't want to be Mrs. Grumpy pants again. But that's what ended up happening. As soon as I woke up, I started having an allergy attack. And I had allergy meds in me. I don't know what I'm allergic to, so I'm extremely irritated about my reactions. So, off I went to worship practice, in a bad attitude.

For the second time in my day, things were good and I slowly cheered up. Yay.

But whatever. That isn't really what I'm trying to write about. I came home, and Josh was building a "grilling station" for himself. I ran up to him for a hug. I needed one. And suddenly, I was overwhelmed. He smelled just like my daddie. Sawdust. I started crying immediately. Totally didn't see that one coming. Josh understood, and gave me an extra long hug. I told my mom what happened, and she said, "Ooooh, that makes me cry! But you shouldn't miss your dad, since you're MARRIED to him!"

And it's so true. Josh is so much like my dad. And I'm very happy about that. My father is a great man, and the hardest worker I've ever know. I have so much respect for both my father and my husband, and I'm so very blessed that they LIKE each other! Haha. It's corny jokes galore when the two of them are together. I am blessed, to have bolth of them in my life.


cowboys and aliens.

happy friday!

It was a great day, all around. An average work day, but started training my brother in law Andy. I'm SO excited to have him on staff. The goal is to have him as the cook eventually. Expanding the food menu, and I need help, since I'm maxed out. Andy is so beyond thrilled to be working at 10-speed, with food and people. Its a good match.

Josh and I went to see Cowboys and Aliens tonight, because we're nerds. And we sat next to a few nerds, as well. A cute, younger couple, who were obviously in the first throes of romance. Gah! so cute! We sat there, watching advertisements for about a half hour, and made fun of them, with the couple. It was great. Just one of those silly moments you will always look back on, with fond memories. "Hey, remember that time we went to that movie? And sat next to strangers and laughed with them? Yeah. I remember that." We never even got their names. But that almost makes it better. Complete strangers.

Oh, and the movie was amazing. A little cheesy here and there, but I give it a 4 out of 5. Good lines, a loyal dog, Harrison Ford, some good action, and a few very deep, well written moments. Find a nerd friend, and go watch it.