plans change.

As many of you know, Josh and I had been planning on becoming business partners with my boss, and be part owners of the shop in White Salmon. Well, we decided against it, for several reasons. The main reason being finances. It would have been a pay cut, and it would have put us into debt for who knows how long. It was a hard decision, because in the long run, it would be beneficial. It just wasn't the right time. I'm sure I'll be kicking myself in 10 years.

I'm also changing shops, going back to the Hood River location. I'm really excited about this, because it's closer to home. So it saves me money, [bridge toll, which just went up January 1st, and gas.] and I will see Josh more...because its on the way to his work. Heehee. I've missed the Hood River shop, too. Going back to where I started.

I had a really hard time deciding to do this. I put so much energy into the White Salmon shop. I became the mom, it felt like. We had a pretty young staff, so I helped train alot of them, and I also knew where everything was. Ha. "Laurel, where's the lids?" Anyways. At first, I felt like I was giving up, going the easy route. And I hate quitting anything. But I think this is the right choice. I was needed there for a time, and that time is up. I'm getting pretty burned out being in charge, which kind of surprised me. I'm great with being organized, but it's the people side of thing that wears me out.

I've been working at 10-Speed for a year now. Crazy to think of all that's happened in that year. January is going to be nuts. There's tons of changes happening with the business. My boss is opening up another location in Hood River. Its going to be amazing. His dream has been to own a building, with more space and a full kitchen. He's finally getting that! It's going to be wonderful. Lots of seating, which the Heights location lacks, and space for more roasting. His clientele has grown so much this year, so he needs that. I'll be working a few shifts in this location as well, but for baking. He's planning on having this store open sometime this month.

Also happening in January is a new manager for the White Salmon store to replace me. Her name is Amber, and she is finishing up culinary school, and a degree in business management. Much more qualified for the job than I am. She is energetic, and originally from the area, so she already knows a large amount of the customers. She is a great fit.

I've been sick so much lately, and I'm curious to see if it is related with the stress of being manager. I'm excited for the changes ahead! Here's to 2012, and the changes ahead.