dishes. they're a funny, yet happy, thing to me. 

when I was little, I hated doing them. I always wondered why the kids had to be on dish duty. "always doing chores." haha. oh the rough life of a child. (thanks, mom and dad, for making me a responsible human being :) 

now, as an adult, I love cleaning. in the last year, I've learned that about myself. it's probably due to the fact that it's instant results, instant gratification. 

two years ago, when I moved to Oregon, our first apartment was itty bitty, with no dishwasher, and a matching itty bitty sink. seriously, the smallest sink I have ever seen. I DREADED doing dishes. I felt like it made more of a mess than helping. 

when we moved into our current house, I was so excited about the dishwasher. I refused to wash anything by hand. as the months pass, that faded. I'm finding myself washing dishes by hand more and more. gasp, is this growing up? ;) 

I recently found this sweet little poem on pinterest. it really helps to put things in perspective. 

Thank heaven for dirty dishes
they have a tale to tell,
while other folks go hungry,
we're eating very well.
With home and health and happiness,
we shouldn't want to fuss
by this stack of evidence
God's very good to us.