small bites.

Life has been a bit overwhelming lately. For the whole Taylor clan, it seems. A couple of weeks ago, Grandpa Taylor fell and broke his hip. He has been in The Dalles hospital since then, in recovery. Doctors told Grandma, Janet and John, that Grandpa would need 24 hour care when he was released. The decision was made to have Grandma and Grandpa move into Janet and John's house (my in-law's). But it was only a week away. So, for the last week, its been a mad scramble to get the house ready for a move. Grandma is a realtor, and they've been trying to sell their house already. Looks like it might be selling in a few weeks. Praise God!

While all of this was happening, here's a few more things to add on top of it all.
- my car died. Not a big deal, John is a mechanic! Oh wait. He's slightly overwhelmed. So I've been hitching rides from family for the last week.
- Josh got poison oak again, while installing a window in Mosier. Poor thing. He's so allergic to the nasty stuff.
- Josh's work drill broke. I had been planning on buying him a new drill, one that he had his eye on, for Christmas. Well, merry early Christmas. We went and bought it that day.
- Our cruise in February fell through. I was a mess. Josh couldn't get time off work, because his boss is having shoulder surgery, and won't be able to lift anything for 6 months. At first, I called the cruise company, and tried to get our deposit on the tickets back. They said it wasn't possible. I went to work that evening, and Josh fixed it. He's my hero <3 So, hopefully we can go on a cruise, next year.
- And I got sick. awesome. probably from stress + lots of work + not enough sleep + cold season. duh.
I'm sure there's more, but that's the majority of it all. But really, we've been pretty calm through the whole thing. I believe it's God just giving us peace and clarity of mind, so that we can get stuff done for the family.
Well, I probably had the first freak out. Josh held me and calmed me down. He asked me, "How do you eat a whole elephant?" I didn't know. "One bite at a time." His dad told him that sound advice. I love his family / my new family. So any time that one of us has a freak out moment, we just ask each other that question. Helps put things in perspective.
It's been a rough week, obviously, but I have SO much to be thankful for. And I praise God, that I see those things, because I am normally Negative Nancy.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a blessed day.


Hoch said...

Love your perspective. So much to be thankful for, amidst the trials and confusion. Thanks for sharing. Love & miss you! Happy Thanksgiving, Laurel & Josh.

Natasha said...

What a great reminder! Thanks. Hope everything starts going better soon!